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Our Mission


The Mental Health Foundation is the leading secondary health care provider offering psychiatric and psychological mental health services to the inhabitants of St.Maarten and neighboring Islands, and has been operational since 2006.

At the Mental Health Foundation, we believe that good mental health and emotional health enhances the ability to cope with life’s struggles and help improve medical conditions and recovery. We are committed to providing comprehensive and itegrated treatment, intervention, prevention and support services for people.

Our services are compartmentalized into 7 areas of metal health care; our 7 Care Products (Clinic care, Crisis Intervention, Ambulant care, Faraja day treatment center, Short stay/Long stay units, Admissions, Information and Prevention) and a team of administrators that work diligently for the mental health concerns of our community.

So, we can offer you the following:


Specialized for clients who are in and immediate crisis and/or in need of 24 hour observation.

Clinic Care

Provides Psychological evaluations, Psycho Therapy, diagnoses, treatment and counseling to individuals of all ages and their families.

Ambulant Care

Offers Clinic Care to the community as an outreach measure to provide at-home treatment to clients phsyically or mentally unable to leave their home.

Crisis Intervention

Assists in Psychiatric emergencies through intervention, support, in patient care, and follow ups.

Information and Prevention

Generate information from the Mental Health Foundation to the public through events and publications.

Faraja Day Care Center

It is an adult day treatment facility that offers guidance, support and empowerment to persons suffering from mental illnesses.

Short- and Long Stay Facilities

It is a living facility that provides treatment services designed to enable recovery and independence.

We can always use your help

The Mental Health Foundation will appreciate your donation through volunteering, item-donations, financial support.
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News, Events & Articles

Feb 15, 2018

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Last year, after Hurricane Irma devastated St. Maarten, most of Mental Health Foundation’s (M.H.F.) vehicles – vehicles used to help their clients – were either completely destroyed or sustained a lot of damage. Doctor Naeem Juliana, who had worked for ...
Jan 26, 2018

MHF launches new website

On Friday, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) launched it’s new, now modern website, created by Daphne Wong A Foe – a 19 year old Dutch student from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). She came to MHF as ...
Jan 19, 2018

Dear Warriors,

  I wonder what you go through. I want to know if you lie awake at night waiting for sleep to come, as it remains a distant lover. I’m curious to find out if your legs tremble and your heart ...
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