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Prevention and Information Workshop    

The Mental Health Foundation has the task of providing care to the community in six main areas called Care Products. These are Psychiatric Clinic Care, Faraja Center, Crisis Management, Psychiatric Home Health Care (Ambulant Care), Admissions and Prevention and Information.

Together we can...

Within the Care Product of Prevention and Information the responsibility lies in disseminating information from the Foundation to the community. This includes but is not limited to dispersing information to clients and their families, schools, social workers and the general public.The Mental Health Foundation works closely together with a variety of local, regional and international media outlets.


Information is usually dispersed through health updates in the local news papers,  re-occuring workshops and lectures, internal presentations as well as community based presentations, radio and television interviews, website updates and through target group focused events.


Through these activities the Prevention and Information Care Product wishes to contribute to creating awareness and eradicate stigma and discrimination of persons suffering with mental illnesses in our community.  



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