Psychiatric Home Health Care


What is psychiatric home health care (PHHC)?

It provides mental health services to persons suffering from mental health illnesses that are unable to access MHF’s location or would benefit from being treated at home.

The care is a group of services that focuses on improving the client’s functioning, on all levels of everyday life, in his or her direct living environment. These services include:

  • Stabilization of psychiatric illnesses in clients own environment.
  • Monitoring adherence, side effects and reaction to medication.
  • Assessing safety of the client’s home environments and providing guidance.
  • Informing the client and family about the illness and treatment (psycho-education).
  • Assessing tolerance and reaction of family members and or others in client support system.
  • Supporting life goals and facilitating integration into mainstream society.

The frequency of visits is dependent upon each case and is determined by the condition of the client. Usually, a weekly visit is rendered by an appointed case manager and if needed, by the psychiatrist.

What would require the need for  PHHC?

There are a number of reasons why individuals who suffer from psychiatric illnesses receive treatment in their own living environments:

  • Client is physically and /or mentally unable to come to MHF
  • Client does not want to come to MHF
  • Client requires at-home guidance and support
  • Client has risk of repeated hospitalization due to persistent mental illness
  • Client has history of medication non adherence
  • Client is under care following a recent discharge from the admission facility.

Most importantly, research has shown that caring for individuals in their social and living environment significantly reduces re-admittance, recidivism and a potential crisis.

How is care organized?

The intensity of care and the frequency of home visits will be discussed and finalized in consultation with the client, their care givers and the PHHC team.

The client’s status will be re-evaluated once per week by MHF’s multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive psychiatric care and treatment.

How to support persons suffering from mental illness in your care?

Research has shown that support from friends, family and caregivers of persons with mental illness is essential for treatment and long term recovery.

Helping to avoid triggers, recognizing the warning signs and encouraging healthy and positive activities are some of the ways to help.

Kindly utilize MHF’s Clinic care and Information, Prevention and Knowledge center care-products for more on effective caregiving and support services.

What is the process to start treatment at the Mental Health Foundation?

MHF is a secondary healthcare provider and only accepts clients that have been referred to by a general practitioner (GP).

Kindly schedule an appointment either by phone or in person and bring the following documents:

1.     A referral letter from your GP

2.     Your valid ID or passport.

3.     Your valid insurance card from:

  •     SZV
  •     Private insurance: The client must cover costs and reclaim reimbursement by insurer.

After submitting these documents, you will receive an intake which will determine the severity of the issue and appropriate service. In some cases, clients may need to qualify for AVBZ coverage.

Early detection and treatment of mental disorders has been proven to lessen the severity of some mental illnesses, minimize long-term disability and improve likelihood of recovery as well as normal functioning. 

Opening Days:

Monday to Friday

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

PHHC Extension:

+1 721 542 1677 extension 506/504/511

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