Crisis Intervention


What is crisis intervention?

Crisis Intervention is a 24 hour psychiatric emergency care unit that aims to return individuals experiencing a mental health crisis to their normal level of functioning by increasing stabilization.

What is a mental health crisis?

In mental health, a crisis is any situation in which an individual’s behaviors put them at risk of hurting themselves or others after all available coping skills and resources to resolve the situation have been ineffective. Here are a few examples:

  1. Present clear danger to self or others
  2. Physical, mental and social deterioration
  3. Suicide attempt or serious gesture or threat
  4. Significant depression-suicidal thoughts.
  5. Actively violent, aggressive or disruptive behavior
  6. Acute onset of psychosis or severe thought disorganization or clinical deterioration in condition of chronic psychosis
  7. Presence of medication needs, or a medical process or condition which is life threatening
  8. Need for medication therapy or complex diagnostic evaluation  

What interventions are offered?

The term “intervention” refers to the methods used to offer immediate, short-term help to individuals who experience an event that produces emotional, mental, physical and behavioral distress or problems. Here are the following methods used:

  1. “On the spot” risk assessment of crisis situation
  2. Defusing the crisis situation by counseling intervention pharmacotherapy or phone consultation
  3. Involuntary admittance
  4. Voluntary admittance

Who works in crisis intervention?

The crisis intervention team, or crisis team, works collaboratively with the Police and Ambulance Department to take on the responsibility of managing crisis in the community. The crisis team includes:

  • Psychiatrist 
  • Registered Nurses/Case Managers
  • On call nurse
  • Security guards

The crisis team utilizes a crisis area that is under 24-hour observation.

What should I do if I am a witness to a crisis situation?

Crises are temporary but the effects may become long-lasting. If the crisis situation poses a direct danger to the person in crisis or others, you must call the police immediately.

In a crisis situation, solely the St. Maarten Police Force, the Ambulance Department and a general practitioner can refer individuals to the MHF’s crisis intervention. 

MHF’s on-call nurses are ready to assist and are reachable 24 hours a day by calling   (+1-721) 520-5556.

Can I visit someone who has been admitted under crisis intervention?

Regular visitations can be a positive part of recovery. We welcome visits from family and friends of clients who are receiving treatment in Admissions. Our staff members are readily available to offer support, advice and to answer any of your pertinent questions.

Visitation hours are from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm daily. Exceptions may be made through arrangements with an Admissions staff member.

Early detection and treatment of mental disorders has been proven to lessen the severity of some mental illnesses, minimize long-term disability and improve likelihood of recovery as well as normal functioning.

Opening Days:

7 X 24

Admissions Visiting Hours:

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Admission Extension:

+1 721 542 1677 extension 513

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