What is Admissions?

The Admissions ward is the inpatient wing of the Mental Health Foundation that provides treatment services to clients suffering from serious psychiatric symptoms and/ or requiring 24-hour observation.

The goal of the admissions services is to diagnose and manage psychiatric illnesses and to resolve or stabilize crisis situations in the shortest possible time and facilitate smooth transition of care into the community.

What are serious psychiatric symptoms?

Certain symptoms of psychiatric illnesses are more life threatening than others. In principle, an individual would require admission should their symptoms pose a danger to themselves or to others. These symptoms include and are not confined to: very violent, aggressive disruptive behavior or homicidal ideas, self-harm, suicidal attempt, confusion, paranoia, severely impaired judgment or severe depression.

Our services can reasonably be expected to improve the recipient's condition or prevent further regression.

How are care, treatment and support organized in the Admissions ward?

A personal care plan is designed within 24 hours based on individual needs. The ward is operated by psychiatrists, a psychologist, social psychiatric nurses, registered nurses and nurse’s aides who work cooperatively to provide the best care. The staff actively involves families and provides psycho-education, including information about the nature of the illness, risk factors, early identification symptoms, compliance and regular follow ups, recovery, rehabilitation, self-management, and how to access rehabilitation services through the Faraja and guided living programs. 

Once my loved one has been admitted into Admissions, am I allowed to visit?

Regular visitations can be a positive part of recovery. We welcome visits from family and friends of clients treated in Admissions. Our staff members are readily available to offer support, advice and to answer any of your pertinent questions.

Visitation hours are from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm daily. Exceptions may be made through arrangements with an Admissions staff member.

How long is the stay and when can I expect my loved one to come home?

The length of stay is dependent upon recovery time and compliance of the client. The client’s discharge date is established by the Psychiatrist.


It is possible to delay or stop mental health conditions from worsening by reducing the biological, psychological and environmental risk factors.

Early detection and treatment of mental disorders has been proven to lessen the severity of some mental illnesses, minimize long-term disability and improve likelihood of recovery as well as normal functioning. 

Kindly utilize MHF’s Clinic care and Information, Prevention and Knowledge center care-products for more on preventative services.

Items to bring for your stay in Admissions:

Once admittance into Admissions is authorized you would need to walk with:

  • Overnight personal care items
  • Casual clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Current medications
  • Small amount of money (optional)
  • Comfort items such as favorite pillow or comforter (optional)

Opening Days:

 7 X 24

Admission Visiting Hours:

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Contact details:

+1 721 542 16 77 extension 513

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