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How it started..

In 1998 the Island Government of St. Maarten established a psychiatric care unit at the Department of Sector Health Care. This psychiatric unit provided the most basic psychiatric care for the population of St. Maarten, Saba and St, Eustatius. The government policy is to privatize and further enhance the quality of psychiatric care. 

As requested by the government of St. Maarten, MHF set out to commence with the following care products:

  • Psychiatric counseling and penitentiary visits.
  • Day care.
  • Acute psychiatric care
  • Home guidance and family support
  • Workshops and individual guidance
  • Intra mural care

With the initial funds received based on the business plan submitted by the board in 2005 (Quick and Fast), the Foundation first started with the following;

  • Set up an office for psychiatric counseling.
  • Acute psychiatric care
  • Monthly visits from a Psychiatrist for counseling and home guidance and family support
  • Penitentiary visits


Where we are going..

Since 2006 the Mental Health Foundation has achieved a series of milestones. These include offering Home Psychiatric Health Care, counseling sessions at the House of Detention, launching an Information and Prevention campaign as well as giving individual and family guidance. As of early 2010 we have a residing as opposed to a visiting psychiatrist. Our services have expanded to include a day care facility in which clients are guided towards psychiatric rehabilitation. The main achievement is the acquisition of a building, through funding from the government and the AVBZ Fund. This enabled the Mental Health Foundation to expand its services by creating a guided living sections and allowing patients that need acute psychiatric care to be treated locally and thus minimize their relapses.

 Our goals until 2015 are also listed in our Strategic Plan and include;

  • Conduct Island wide research to collect baseline data on issues related to psychiatry
  • Expand Psychiatric Home Health Care Services
  • Initiate the Guided Living Section
  • Launch a Job training Program for clients
  • Extend the Prevention and Information Services



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